We attend several EFfCI working groups on different subjects of interest for the cosmetics industry. Thanks to the constant participation of at least one of our representatives, we are able to report to our members in the shortest time possible urgent issues and relevant discussions that took place during the working group.


    The working group has the aim to develop and work on Good Manufacturing Practices, or GMP, that are meant to work as guidelines in order to encourage the entire cosmetics supply chain to ensure and promote quality and safety in the production process.


    The Regulatory Affairs and Product Safety, or RAPS, is the working group that is responsible for all that concerns regulatory and product safety issues. Its activity consists, at first, in monitoring developments and updates for what regards the cosmetic legislation. Then, it ensures to present a united and strong voice of the Ingredients Suppliers Industry and makes sure it is heard when relevant matters come to light.


    The working group pinpoints emerging issues and major concerns in the cosmetic ingredients industry, providing accurate and meticolous scientific analysis, keeping into account also the legislative perspective. The Preservatives working group cooperates and engages in discussions within the industry to recommend the secure use of raw materials, and it also provides recommendations to stakeholders in order to promote the safe use of cosmetic ingredients.


    The Toxicology working group participates in the discussions concerning the safety assessment of cosmetic ingredients, both on an European and non-European level. As a matter of fact, specifically on a non-European side, the working group discusses with China authorities about safety evaluations of cosmetic ingredients. Another point touched by the working group is the evaluation and the consequent development of alternatives methods to animal testing.


    The working group engages in discussions at a global level monitoring developments and updates for what concerns the cosmetics legislation, giving recommendations to its members. The working group provides also an important network opportunity, by connecting EFfCI to its sisters federations in Japan, China and USA.


    The focus of the working group is on discussing and critically analyse the relevant regulatory requirements and safety aspects concerning products of natural origins.


    The working group works closely with other trade associations in order to discuss also different points of view, trying to avoid diverging and unclear regulations and procedures for what concerns the use of polymers in the production process.


    This working group is always updated and follows the ongoing regulations in Europe regarding colorants, focusing on any type, such as organics or dyes and also on nanoparticles, methods and pigments structures, as well as other topics of relevance.


We design and publish positions that express our opinion on specific topics, showing our leanings on particular subject matters.

Moreover, we represent all our members, exhibiting a united voice of the industry, expressing explicitly our positions on relevant issues during meetings and working groups.