Helvetic association for Cosmetic Ingredients

HCI is a Swiss trade association that aims to bring together many different actors belonging to the cosmetic and personal care industry, such as manufacturers of ingredients and providers of services such as packagingtesting and consultancy.

HCI membership is open to companies and swiss associations that represent these categories belonging to the cosmetic industry.

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The European Federation for Cosmetic Ingredients is composed by more than 100 companies, thanks to the membership of six national associations based in France, Germany, UK, Italy and Switzerland (HCI) or to companies directly associated.

EFfCI’s focus is to coordinate the activities of members to present a united voice of the cosmetic ingredients industry, and to provide members with comprehensive information on industry matters.



One of our main focus is to advocate for the collective interests of our members. As association, we currently protect the interests of many cosmetic ingredients’ producers and distributors and service providers based in Switzerland.

HCI coordinates the activities of its members so that we can present a united voice of the cosmetic ingredients industry. In order to do so, we represent the associates with the bodies operating in the cosmetic and regulatory field.

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Another important key focus area that characterises our work as association is communication. We communicate internally, with our members, providing them with all the latest news in terms of developments and discussions going on inside the working groups we participate in.

Moreover, we also communicate externally with all the final customers, trying to highlight also the research and development process that there is behind a cosmetic product.


We gather together swiss companies coming from the fields of production and distribution of cosmetic ingredients, as well as providers of services such as packaging, testing and consultancy. Moreover, we are part of EFfCIthe European Federation for Cosmetic Ingredients, which advocates the collective interests of more than 100 cosmetic ingredients companies in Europe. For these reasons, you can count on a strong network of industry’s professionals and experts.

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